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One Billion Rising Bihar

In solidarity with national and global One Billion Rising Campaign, Sahyogi took initiative to organize campaign in Bihar with different INGOs, NGOs and Networks. 1 in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. One Billion Rising first began in 2013 with the fierce struggle against sexual and physical violence – taking on the advocacy against rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation and sex trafficking that V-Day campaigns over 18 years have been at the forefront of. Over the last four years, as One Billion Rising has grown and the local campaigns deepened, it has also brought in economic violence and the violence of poverty, racial violence, gender violence, violence caused by corruption, occupation and aggression, violence caused by environmental disasters, climate change and environmental plunder, violence impacting women in the context of state sponsored wars, militarization, and the worsening internal and international displacement of millions of people, and violence created by capitalist greed, among so many others.
This year, One Billion Rising Revolution is giving sharper focus and visibility to the exploitation of women, and to harnessing even stronger global solidarity to demand an end to violence in all forms. The first meeting was organized in the office of Sahyogi in presence of National Campaign of OBR Ms. Abha Bhaiya where it was unanimously decided that OBR campaign will be started in Bihar. As agreed the campaign was launched on 16th December 2016 in Bihar by a Candle March at Kargil Chowk in representatives of different INGOs, NGOs, Networks and civil society groups along with social activists participated. By the end of 4th meeting held in ActionAid regional office on 9th January 2017, more than 30 NGOs and INGOs like Actionaid, Save the Children, Landesa, The Hunger Project have joined the initiative and have expressed their solidarity with this campaign. On 17th January Sahyogi organized “Reclaiming the Nights” programme in Bihar under the banner of One Billion Rising to protest attack on women and girls. Different network NGOs and CSOs are organizing different programme against exploitation in different districts of 9 commissionaries of Bihar. On 14th February 2017 a mass programme will be organized in Patna in association with more than 50 NGOs, INGOs, Schools, Institutions to voice solidarity against “Exploitation”.

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Ab Aur Nahi “Hinsa” (AAN)
AAN is an initiative of Sahyogi which addresses the issue of Gender based Violence with a strong focus on Domestic Violence in villages and slums in Bihar. The programme is aimed at contributing towards reduced prevalence of violence against women/girls. Under the AAN initiative Sahyogi educates women, adolescent and youth to identify GBV/DV and respond; creates a cadre base in community on GBV/DV, provide counseling and legal aid support to the survivor and link them with existing govt. services for justice.

School Intervention
Sahyogi is working with students and teachers in schools and colleges on EVAW (End Violence against Women). The main objective is to transform adolescent and youth as agents of change, who will respond to violence against women and girls within their family and society. The focus of the programme is to capacitate adolescents and youth in recognizing VAW, responding to them and to link them with service delivery points like Mahila Thana, Police Station, Women Helpline, Sahyogi and other agencies working on the issue. This programme also helps in providing a platform for dialogue with development workers and women rights activists in changing the stereotypes.

School Chalo Abhiyan
Sahyogi runs a massive campaign on Right to Education and to get out of school children enrolled focused on children from Dalit, Backward and Minority community. We get the local stakeholders like PRI representatives, teachers, AWW, parent and community leaders involved in the process. Our main objective is to work towards reinforcing the belief that education will lead to a better life.

Sanitation and Menstrual Hygiene
Sahyogi undertakes regular session on WASH with the community and children. The objective of these sessions is to bring awareness on WASH issues and thus reinforcing healthy behaviours. We organize cleanliness drive in community. Since Sahyogi works primarily with women so we facilitate menstrual hygiene session with women and adolescents. We also promote the use of sanitary pad though we do not promote any specific brand.

Save Water Campaign
Sahyogi has taken an initiative to bring awareness within the community to save water and also to optimize its best use through its “Jal Suraksha” programme. Through wall painting, folk shows and nukkad meeting we spread the message of saving water and its reuse. This initiative is focused on behavioural change among people to conserve water.

Capacity Building Cell
Sahyogi has a group of trainers and have been developing a capacity building cell. The members of the capacity building cell have wide range of experience in the development sector on conducting training programme for different agencies. It provides trainer/complete training package to different agencies on request for capacity building to their staffs and community members.

Vocational Training
Sahyogi has been engaged in facilitating vocational training for Women’s Groups in Bihar and Jharkhand. We have done ToT of our community volunteers; who has turned as trainer and now facilitate training for our own initiative, HDFC Bank and other agencies. Our trainers facilitates training in different trades like Garment designing, Mixture Making, Sari Designing, Bindi Designing, Artificial flower making, Artificial Jewelry Making, Papad Making, Jadi work, Chiken work etc.

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